The 408K is Calling

Being Bay Area born and raised gives me a certain sort of pride in all things Bay Area. Born in Redwood City, raised in the South Bay, now living and working in the East Bay, I have love for sourdough bread, the San Francisco 49ers, Steve Wozniak (an alumni of my high school) and of course, running local races.

Having run it remotely before, last year I had the opportunity to run the San Jose 408K with my parents. Not only was it memorable because it starts at the Shark Tank and ends at Santana Row, but also because it was the first race I had run with both my parents. Oh, and I was pregnant at the time.


We had an incredible time. (I’ll speak for mini and say she had a great time too, even if she just enjoyed the ride.) It was wonderful being able to tour an area I had been hundreds of times before in a whole new light and the Mariachi Mile really made me smile. I mean, I HAD dressed for the occasion after all.

Thankfully, I get to run the 408K again this year as part of Represent Running’s ambassador team. That also means I get to invite you to run with me! Save yourself a little money for a post race beer: register and use code REPRESENT2016CD to save 10% off your race entry. Can’t join me in person? It’s good for the remote racing option too. (Bonus: if you run the San Jose 408K, Across the Bay 12K and the Let’s Go 510 10K this year you’ll score a FOURTH ‘Run the Bay‘ medal! Don’t worry – I’ll give you the head’s up on each race so you don’t miss out.)

Now, the important part: planning this year’s 408K outfit. The mariachi last year didn’t know what to make of my Ink’n Burn shirt.

Will you be running with me remotely or in person? Should I reprise the running mariachi ‘fit from last year?

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