February Miles



My miles for February were few but of higher quality than other months. Vacation week and all, somehow I ran fewer times, yet was able to run about 75% of the miles I ran in January. This I see as a good sign of change, that I am reaching a higher mileage overall with greater ease.

The comparison trap, as I noted before, is one that is easy to fall into but I am continuing to refuse to allow it to swallow me. What’s important is I beat where I was last year, and this is a learning year for me. Never before have I tracked mileage, never before have I tried to give myself such structure when it comes to running. There is a lot I have to learn and there is a long ways to go, but I am going to take it all in stride, literally.

March holds two more postpartum events – the San Jose 408K and the Oakland Running Festival. Every event as I make my way through my first year of motherrunnerhood feels like a milestone. My March goals include playing more pick-up soccer after hitting the pitch for the first time since I was four months pregnant this past weekend, being more consistent with my speed work and adding in consistent cross training.

February, your 29 days have been real, but it’s time to roar. Here’s to going into the month like a lion, and bustin’ out of it like I’m on the lam.

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