Performance from the Inside Out

After a few false starts, including showing up at the lab without my form, now in hand, I’m ready! Why yes, I am excited to get my blood drawn tomorrow morning. Why? Because I am excited to see what progress I’ve made on my performance from the inside out, and to see how I can continue to improve my health and performance moving forward.

IMG_0576A year ago, I was nearly through my first trimester of pregnancy (and constantly getting stuck with needles anyways) when I took my first test from InsideTracker. Most athletically minded folks and otherwise are familiar with the idea that every body is different. What worked for your cousin, your mom, your boot camp instructor may not work for you because each of you is truly different. InsideTracker utilizes “accurate blood biomarker analysis plus personalized interventions for nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and supplements to optimize health and fitness.” In other words, it checks out your blood to tell you what’s going on inside, then tells you where you’re killing it, where you’re nearly there and where you may have to return to the remedial course, so to speak.

Here’s a few surprising things I learned about myself from my first test and what I changed accordingly along with some screen shots from my personal blood work analysis. Each category tested will fall under one of three levels: optimized, needs work or at risk. As you can tell from what the recommended foods are shown below, I was able to tell InsideTracker that I’m a vegan. InsideTracker will tailor your recommendations according to what you do eat, whether you’re a celiac, a vegan, a picky-picky, you name it.

  • For a vegan, I actually had very high levels of B12 and iron, two things “everyone” seems to think vegans will lack. I give credit in part to the vegan prenatal vitamins I was taking at the time. Because of how high it was, InsideTracker marked both of these under ‘at risk,’ and I then opted to stop taking the vitamins daily. I love me some nutritional yeast and some dark leafy greens, so the daily dose of vitamins was overkill.
    Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 12.19.26 PM
  • Along with sodium, potassium, creatine kinase, folate, zinc, liver enzymes and ALT, my glucose levels were optimal. To boot, I was already eating foods that can help manage this. Mmm, edamame and brussels.
    Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 12.16.43 PM
  •  My calcium, vitamin D, total cholesterol, LDL, HDL and a few other things needed work, which was surprising! It even blatantly told me I had been eating too many french fries. How did it know that I was eating french fries on the regular? Because, as they say, blood don’t lie. Bring on the mushrooms. ALL THE MUSHROOMS.
    Screen Shot 2016-03-22 at 12.27.06 PM.png

After toying around with options and reading through each biomarker’s recommendations, I started with little things. I stopped eating french fries except for as an occasional treat, started eating oatmeal with flaxseed and chia seed in the mornings, and tried hard to keep after those dark leafy greens. And wouldn’t you know? I started feeling better, like my system was running smoother. I have a beautiful, healthy baby girl now and was able to run through my 30th week of pregnancy. I give a lot of credit for my fit pregnancy and the health of my nugget to what I learned from InsideTracker.

Life unfortunately got in the way with that whole having a baby for the first time thing, so I neglected to get a new test done months later to see how I had improved. I’m eager to see how I did and how I can continue to improve as I tackle postpartum fitness, but I can’t drop a ton of money on it. Fortunately for me, InsideTracker has rolled out a new panel!

Common complaints had included folks not wanting to fast before blood testing (which, as a constantly hungry person, I agree with,) wanting focus on markers of result/recovery, strength/power and endurance, and of course price. Folks were begging for something that delivers all the awesome of InsideTracker without shelling out half a grand, the current cost for their most comprehensive Ultimate panel. InsideTracker’s information is incredibly powerful, as once you have your results, you can tell it what you want to optimize (like build strength, sleep better, recover faster, lose fat and the like) and it will tell you how to tailor your intake accordingly.

Enter the new High Performance panel. Specifically built with energy, endurance, recovery and performance in mind, the High Performance InsideTracker panel looks at the ten most important markers for endurance, recovery and performance: testosterone, cortisol, vitamin D, ferritin, hemoglobin, vitamin B12, hsCRP, ALT, SHBG, Creatine Kinase. Essentially, it looks at the things that are most important so you can get to work on yourself in a jiff!

Once I get my new round of blood work back, I will post about how I have done in the last year and what I will be working on next, so stay tuned! While we’re both waiting, between now and March 24th, InsideTracker is giving away a free InnerAge test (a $99 value) if you hop on over to their Instagram.

Have you tried InsideTracker? Will you now that they’ve introduced the new High Performance panel?

One thought on “Performance from the Inside Out

  1. Sharon

    I haven’t tried inside tracker, but sounds like a cool test! Love that it knows what you have been eating and tells you exactly what you need to stop or start eating to improve your fitness. Looking forward to seeing your results this time around.



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