What’s Your CRAFFL Look Like?

After having a baby in August, I found myself trying to do some personal development during maternity leave. Around this time, I began listening to podcasts for the first time, and thanks to my love for PiYo, I found my way to Chalene Johnson’s podcasts, both Build Your Tribe and the Chalene Show. After listening to a certain episode while on leave and revisiting it again after returning to work, I finally sat down months after first hearing about it. It was time. Today over lunch, I decided to write my CRAFFL.

What’s a CRAFFL? Chalene describes this as defining “exactly what you want your life to look like […]. It’s what I refer to as a crazy, ridiculous, amazingly, fun-filled life.”

I took a blueberry Mr. Sketch marker and wrote CRAFFL at the top of a sheet of scratch paper, then, with purpose, I reached for a Sharpie. It’s one thing for me to daydream about what I would want my crazy, ridiculous, amazingly fun-filled life to look like. It’s another thing for me to take a permanent recording of what I want my life to look like.


As Krissy of Shiawase Life said, life as a parent is “10,000x times harder, but 20,000x more amazing.” This is a huge driving factor when it comes to creating my CRAFFL. It’s no secret that I do love my job and am fortunate to, but that doesn’t change the fact that in my heart, I want to be there with my daughter every moment I possibly can. Spending 90 the 90 minutes per day I spend driving instead with her would be amazing — but how much more amazing could it get?

The image above is what the start of my CRAFFL looked like when I posted it on Instagram. After snapping this picture, I added a few more things.

Here’s my thoughtful blog version that includes my additions and a little more explanation for why these things would be part of my CRAFFL.

MY IDEAL 2016-2016 C.R.A.F.F.L.

  • Home gym set-up (with treadmill)
    I have wanted a proper home gym set up for ages. This would be a space to store our designated workout equipment as well as to work out in. It could be a playroom that converts to a home gym, just as long as it is a functional, dedicated sweat space.
  • Work station, organized for writing and being crafty.
    This is another long time dream that I need to make into a reality: a space where I can write and work, or I can be creative and crafty.
  • To be there for/with Mini — park time, running, learning, exploring.
    To be able to call my own work hours so that I can spend time with my mini beastling would be a dream come true. Her favorite things right now are music and being outside. It would be incredible to be able to explore the world with her until she’s ready to go to school, and even then, I’d love to be able to be there when she got home.
  • Comfortable cushion for play, emergencies and to say YES to fun.
    We all have financial goals. One of mine is that we as a family can live comfortably, have a little set aside for later and for emergencies, and to be able to take trips together. My husband works incredibly hard and I commute so that I too can contribute. A life where we wouldn’t worry so much would be a huge relief.
  • Get certified to teach (ideally PiYo and TRX to start,) and teach classes regularly.
    Fitness coaching is a newer part of my life, but one that I have passion for. I want to help others find and embrace the best version of themselves. I have already begun this journey, but want to grow it and help even more people.


Did you notice that I wrote “2016-2017” on the sheet? That’s my way of pushing myself to see how crazy, ridiculous and amazingly fun filled I can get my life by the end of the calendar year. I am sure over time my CRAFFL will grow and change, but right now I feel that these things encompass the big picture dreams turned goals I have in my head, my heart, and now on my blog. Some of these are much more attainable than others, and that’s okay: that’s why a CRAFFL is your ideal, utopian version of your life. Hell, this version I penned up isn’t nearly as crazy as my real ideal life would be but if I could get it to this point, yes, it would be living a dream.

What would YOUR CRAFFL include and why?

Want to hear the podcast episode that inspired this post for yourself? It’s called “Overcome Overwhelm” and is episode 191 of the Chalene Show on iTunes

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