An Envisioned Fitness Future

Listening to Lewis Howes’ podcast has been enriching, exposing me to people and ideas I would not have otherwise explored. During a recent interview with Michael Hyatt, the two of them discussed the power of writing something down: when we write something out for others, we often get clarity for ourselves. One thing that struck me in the moment was Michael discussing his “envisioned fitness future.”

Here’s what was powerful about it:
– He made the statement in the present tense, “because there’s power in that, like you’re already there.”
– He acknowledged it’s something he’s moving toward.
– It was direct and it included an action plan.

How many times have you had a vision, but it had no action plan? As Michael noted, when you’re clear on the how, the what starts showing up. Giving oneself permission to dream is important, and with that comes the importance of having some clarity on the future. After revisiting yesterday’s CRAFFL, I feel this is ringing especially true for me at this juncture in my life.

There are two recent points in my life that I see as high points in my fitness: when I got married in 2012 and the Fall/Winter of 2014.



When I got married, I had been hitting up 30 minute TRX classes regularly and was probably the strongest I had ever been. I have no idea what weight I was walking around at, but that didn’t matter because I felt incredible. I had confidence, was strong, and loved pushing myself every day. Sure, it made it such that I was almost unable to get zipped into my wedding dress as my back had grown wider, but that’s okay. I was a fit bride who had conquered eating disordered life and was ready to launch into a new chapter.

In the Fall/Winter of 2014 I was probably in the best running shape I’ve been in as an adult. Longer runs felt fluid and easy, and while I was leaner than I had been in 2012 when I was married, I still felt strong. It was almost too easy to pace two friends through the runDisney Wine and Dine Half Marathon. Right after is when I became pregnant — so really, it’s wonderful I did, because I being in great shape put me on the right track to have a fit pregnancy.

As an ectomorph, I lose muscle fast if I don’t keep working at it, and to be frank, while I do feel blessed to have had such an ‘easy’ postpartum ride, I miss how powerful I used to feel. I used to feel fit for anything. I used to sweat and smile and sleep hard at night. I used to feel confident pulling on any piece of clothing, like everything would look good no matter what. Like I was living the best version of my true self.

I’ve gotten to a place where I am tired of missing what I once was. Now, it’s time to focus on who I am and who I am becoming.

My envisioned fitness future looks like this:

I stand tall with confidence. I feel strong in my own skin and am the living embodiment of what I feel is a good role model for my daughter and for other women who also strive to be fit, healthy mothers. Running longer distances at a conversational pace comes with ease, and running the hills nearby while pushing my daughter in the run stroller is a welcome challenge I take on at least twice per week. Alternating cross training of TRX and boot camp exercises (like 22 Minute Hard Corps) and running is my regular routine, with some PiYo mixed in for active recovery. I have made improvements based on what I have learned about my diet, am fueling my body well while still allowing myself to indulge, and look forward to putting in a workout six days per week with one full rest day.

What’s your fitness and health future as you envision it? How will you get there?

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