How to Make Your Garmin Stroller Run Ready

In the spirit of keeping it real, I don’t read manuals. If it has more words than a Lego how-to guide, I more likely than not set it aside (cough cough, lose it in a pile of manuals) and only rummage it up if the Internet and I can’t figure out what I’m after. Over the weekend I was toying around with my Garmin Fenix 3 Sapphire when I realized I could create my own activities for tracking.

Um, where the hell have I been?

Naturally, on the eve of the first East Bay Area Mom’s Run This Town meet-up, I had to create a “Stroller Run” option for my Fenix 3.


Ready to add your own custom activity app? Here we go!


Please note that while these instructions are specific to a running-based custom app and the Fenix3, the basics should apply to any activity and any Garmin that allows the user to add customized apps. Custom activities are all based off of existing activities.

Step 1: With your charged Fenix in hand, hold down the UP (center left) button until the battery level and menu appear. Using the START (upper right) button, select SETTINGS.
app_2 Then select APPS. app_1

Step 2: Scroll down (DOWN, bottom left) through the offered apps until you see the large red plus sign. Select ADD NEW.

Step 3: This step is important in terms of making sure your data is properly tracked, so pay attention based on what sort of custom app you’re trying to create! The base activities are the ones that are pre-loaded (such as walk, cycling, pool swimming, etc.) Are you going to be stroller running? Select RUNNING. app_5

Step 4: You can’t make your own icon, but you can choose an accent color for your new activity. I used light blue for Stroller Run, so for Galloway I chose light green.

Step 5: Since “Run(2)” isn’t as fun or informative as we’d like let’s make our own name instead. Scroll down to create a custom name for your new app. app_7

This will be the name that shows up in the list when you start your Garmin and are selecting the activity, so choose accordingly. I already added “Stroller Run” to my Fenix 3, so for this tutorial I made one for when I lead Galloway-method runs at work.

Step 6: Save it and BOOM! You now have a new activity to select when tracking.

You also have the opportunity to edit it to your liking. app_12
FULL DISCLOSURE: I noticed in Garmin Connect that my recent “Stroller Run” from Saturday is categorized solely as “Run” when uploaded. I’m doing a little digging and will update here as soon as I figure out how to best truly separate out solo runs from “Stroller Run” and “Galloway” tracking.

Did you customize your Garmin apps with a new activity? What did you add? Have you ever done a stroller run?

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