The Brightest Low: Brilliant Reflective Review

The long standing joke that I get easily distracted by shiny things has been exacerbated by my love of running. What’s shinier than blinking lights? Reflective, of course!

Sadly, not every fitness apparel company believes in 360 degree reflective. As a road runner and a stroller runner, I have zero faith in a tiny reflective logo making me visible to texting drivers. Thankfully, I don’t have to plunk down hundreds for new, reflective specific gear: Brilliant Reflective is making it easy for everyone, everywhere, to be seen.

Of course they’re beautiful, of course they’re fascinating, but come on. Let’s be real: not everyone can plunk down triple digits for a reflective jacket when there’s still-good jackets in the closet. Prints are also very personal, and for some, it can feel a bit much. Thankfully, with Brilliant Reflective, everyone wins. The be-seen crowd can make it their own. The be-safe crowd can be economical and safe all at once.


Can you see me now?

My first run-in, so to speak, with Brilliant was last year at the Bay to Breakers expo. Even with a number of pretty large expos under my belt, it wasn’t something I had ever seen. An outdoor industry gal who loves the gadgets and the latest, the reflective caught my eye in more than one way. Damn, it was bright! I snapped up a few packs of iron-on and adhesive strips. The adhesive ones ended up both on our BOB Revolution Pro and my toddler’s raincoat.

UntitledThey’re small, they dart in unpredictable ways and they’re drawn to whatever mess they shouldn’t be involved in. A toddler’s neon yellow raincoat seems like it’s is visible enough. However, do you think a driver who is trying to drink coffee, feed their kids breakfast, write an important e-mail and drive all at the same time is going to notice a kid that’s roughly the height of their SUV’s bumper?


I hate to say it, but I’m a keeping-it-real kind of mom, and I want my kid’s jacket to scream “HEY! LOOK AT ME!” I started with a few strips in key places, like the center of her back (where it would likely never be covered, even with the hood off) and the fronts of her pockets. I added dots on the top of the hood and each arm just to see how bright it really was.

I’ve since added even more reflective at the wrists and the back of her hood to show more biomechanical motion — motion that shows life, essentially, and signals that there is a person or other living being (like a dog) on the road too. One thing that’s hard to give biomechanical motion to is a run stroller, unless you get a bit creative. A lot of kids have it right: a run stroller should be a space ship. A light-up, reflective, in-your-face space ship. Enter the “first coat” of reflective and lights I added to our BOB.

The only place a BOB comes with reflective on is the hood, nowhere else. The strip on the swivel wheel is 3M reflective, an older grade than Brilliant currently uses. The very bright white on the bar of the seat and pointing towards the handle near the blue light are both Brilliant — and they’re still on the BOB, more than six months later, and the back strip not show is also holding on tight. Thanks to this opportunity, I’ve added some extra blue reflective on the spokes and in a few other spots. I’ll admit I’ve thought about incorporating el wire. No one is going to miss our space ship! Kooky, maybe, but memorable and safe.

Since running my first race in a sports bra back in 2013, I’ve had a hard time keeping my shirt on. What’s a gal to do when it’s muggy as all get out, it’s time for a sweaty speed session and, oh yeah, the sun’s going down?

Brilliant once again to the rescue.

On your fur baby’s lead and harness, your kid’s Halloween costume and skateboard helmet, your best friend’s bike. Your sleepy spouse’s commuter bag, your always-in-your-hand phone case, or wherever else you can think of: there’s no denying that everyone can find a use for a little low-light reminder that we’re making our way through life.

Want to show your brilliance? Where are you going to light up the night? Code BIBRAVEPRO25 is good for 25% off any Brilliant Reflective order through Tuesday April 11th.

The nitty gritty disclaimer: I received one package each of iron-on and adhesive Brilliant Reflective in the color of my choosing to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews.

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