Dam Good Gear: Review and Giveaway

C66Fz2lVsAADE5d Hats and I have been friends for some time now. Maybe I like sun coverage. Maybe I like keeping that tomboy swagger with me at all times.

…or maybe I don’t always like brushing my hair. Okay fine, maybe I can’t always find a brush, nor do I necessarily care to. Call it a time saving trick.

Whatever the reason may be at any given moment in time, I can never get enough hats. Baseball style, snapback preferred, foam-front truckers… seriously just GIVE ME ALL THE HATS.

Enter Alpine Dam.

C6l6cSZVoAAkhU3When the new, local crew of Alpine Dam contacted me I was stoked. A family-owned business out of Marin, CA, I was immediately drawn to the hats dubbed “the Shoreline” and “Muir Beach,” both local haunts that Bay Area locals who like to get out and move can definitely identify with. After chatting a bit back and forth via email I was surprised when two Alpine Dam snapbacks arrived.

Let’s be honest and say I was rather relieved because someone small has decided she too likes hats, and even though she has her own collection, Mama’s are just plain better. Duh.

Naturally, I wanted to really give them the beat down before reviewing. Adam at Alpine Dam told me wearing both hats at once might result in mileage flying by twice as fast, so I used caution. I didn’t want to pull a muscle!

Together, the hats and I ran.

We run commute’d.

We sweated. We contained messy, unwashed hair.

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 11.41.16 AM

I even ran so fast one day that I outran the logo! (Or maybe my iPhone doesn’t like me running while taking pictures. You decide.)

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 11.44.22 AM

I crushed the hats in the bottom of my gym bag, let them roll around the inside of my car, let the toddler have her way with them. So far, they’re still pretty much unscathed, save the salt on the bill of my blue one that doesn’t even hold a candle to what this guy did!

Here’s what I dig about Alpine Dam gear.

QUALITY is on point. The truckers I received aren’t wicking tech truckers, but they’re good ol’ soft yet sturdy cotton blends. With 60% soft, sturdy cotton and 40% wicking poly, they’re the best of both worlds.

DEPTH is just right. Some truckers are “tall” and perfect for stashing all two feet plus of hair on my head. The Shoreline and the Muir Beach are more ‘standard’ height.

BRANDING is solid. Alpine Dam keeps it short and sweet on their product pages, but they clearly keep their fingers on the pulse of humor! (Check out the bullets on their product pages, like “Fits most humans” or “Kick a** neon patch.” The copywriter and brand voice in me appreciates this.) #damgoodgear is pretty dam good. Yup, I went there.

BONUS: they just rolled out some new styles, and they have kid’s sizes too!

Want to score an Alpine Dam hat of your choosing?

Check out my Instagram post for your first entry, and add a comment below telling me where you and your Alpine Dam hat would go for a bonus entry! I will close the giveaway at noon PST on Friday April 14th and will announce the winner thereafter.

Adam and the team at Alpine Dam surprised me with not one but two hats to review, and will be providing the winner of my giveaway with the Alpine Dam hat of their choosing. All thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own. No, you cannot have my Alpine Dam hats, but you can snag your own at AlpineDam.com. 

9 thoughts on “Dam Good Gear: Review and Giveaway

  1. hellyontherun

    Oh, I wish I looked good in hats 😥 I would love to win one though because you know what, I should stop giving a damn on whether I look good in them or not and just wear it! It’d go with me on the trails out here in AZ 🙂


  2. Mary Elizabeth

    The Alphonse dam hat and I will run through the rolling hills on the bluegrass state known as Kentucky! I live on a horse farm in Woodford County and ran out here ALL the time, and of course, shade is lacking! I just borrowed a hat from my husband yesterday so help block out the sun, and this dam hat would be perfect for my runs out here! Thanks for putting together a little contest, and well… I hope I win!



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