When the doctor says a baby is due October 10th and instead she shows up on August 23rd at 4lbs 5oz, it’s pretty clear that she likes to do things her own way.

Fast forward 30+ years and a hundred or so pounds and the whole “doing things her own way” thing is still pretty true.

Hi, my name is Christina. I am LittleBeastling.


Wear all the colors with #twopairdontcare socks – why not?

Bay Area born and raised, I am made of bendy straws, an offbeat sense of humor and all things vegan eats. Professionally, I am a copywriter, wear tester/gear junkie, product maven/educator, brand voice and former social media slinger. Personally, I am a running, sweat-seeking creative spaz who sometimes stays up far too late baking or crafting. I recently tackled an endurance event in early August of a caliber which I had never attempted before — childbirth. (Spoiler alert: it resulted in the best post-event ‘bling’ I’ve received to date.)

I currently reside in the East Bay Area with my incredible husband, toddler tornado, two dogs and three cats.

Feeling social? Find me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. For product review or wear testing requests, freelance writing and other related inquiries, please click here to contact me.


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