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Pacer Power: San Jose 408K Recap

Before I even share about how this year’s San Jose 408K went down, there are some folks I need to thank.

Thank you Represent Running for both another awesome San Jose 408K, and for giving me the opportunity to toe the line as part of Team Run the Bay for the third year in a row. It is truly something that fills my run-local-love cup.

Thank you to my Ekiden coach Jenny, for keeping me on task and for giving me a workload that helped me be more prepared than I mentally thought I was.

Thank you to my husband Colin, for all the coffee, bananas, encouraging words and toddler wrangling, both on race day and every time I had a “but I need to run” or “can I foam roll in peace?” moment.

And last, but definitely not least, a huge, heartfelt thanks to my amazing pacer. My cousin Dan is a very modest guy, but I think he’s a quiet badass, and I definitely wouldn’t have had the race I did had it not been for his pacing.

All that being said, I’m sure it’s pretty clear that this year was different. From running remotely, to running pregnant, to running postpartum without high expectations, a fourth go at this race left me a little lost. Should I try to PR? Should I just see what happens? Should I sleep in and skip it?
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Oh Say, Can You Sing: an unexpected challenge at the Across the Bay 12K


With mini flat Dani, Emmalouise. Ashley and Dani pre-race.

This year, I was very excited to get to run the 12K at Represent Running’s Across the Bay race as last year, I was pregnant and chose to stick with the 5K instead.

Part two of their three part “Run the Bay” challenge, I had put a lot of pressure on myself to do well after my surprisingly speedy San Jose 408K. Despite all the anticipation, I will fully admit that race day crept up on me. One thing had lead to another, and work and life became easy excuses for skipping out on training well.

Little did I know come race day, running fast — actually, running, period — would be the least of my worries.

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Those Splits Are Bananas: San Jose 408K

For the third year in a row – and second time racing ‘live and in person’ as opposed to running remotely – I toed the line at the San Jose 408K, a race that has grown in importance for me every year. The first year, I ran remotely. Last year, I ran with my parents while quietly pregnant. This year, I was honored to run with my tall, speedy cousin. South Bay born and raised the 408K is becoming a ‘family’ event for me — and this year was quite memorable.


While I was bummed I couldn’t get out to San Jose early enough to pick up my Represent Running ambassador gear. Under Armour hooked us up big time with shorts, shoes (yes shoes!) and a great “Represent Running” screened tee, I was still excited to be part of the crew. I kitted up in my long sleeved Oiselle Volée top thinking that if I couldn’t rep RR, I’d at least shout out to my fellow flockstars. (Sadly, I didn’t see another bird on the course. Bummer.) I even made good on my threat of bringing a teeny flat version of East Coast RR team member Dani so she could be part of the action too! Continue reading

Bring On the New Year

Ahh, a brand new year. The sense of “new” is one that many embrace: a fresh new notebook and a brand new pen, the scent of a new car or a new pair of running shoes, the spark of a new relationship. However, for most these joyous new things pale when compared to the promise of a brand new year.

In my 32 years, I have made many resolutions and stuck to maybe one. Somewhere in my shadowy past I am quite certain I once promised myself that I would turn to a life of health rather than remain in a state of disorder, and that is seemingly the only resolution I stuck to. To a certain extent, I’m one of those people who don’t believe in resolutions. Ask anyone else who has worked at a 24 Hour Fitness and they too will tell you that many well-intentioned resolutions don’t last through February, let alone through December 31st.

However, this time around, as 2015 came to a close I felt a spark of excitement I hadn’t felt before. I feel like a woman on the brink of something amazing, on the verge of something, and I am going to ride the excitement that is seemingly physical, bursting out of my chest and my smile, and see where it takes me.

The final week of 2015 boded very, very well for 2016.

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What a Day: Across the Bay 5K

As I looked out over the water and heard the waves crashing, I could practically hear Mister Rogers singing: “It’s a beautiful day in the Bay to run, a beautiful day to be running…”IMG_3046

No? Okay, maybe not, but everyone toeing the line at yesterday’s Across the Bay 5K and 12K couldn’t have asked for a better day in the city. Though newly acquired by Represent Running, the Across the Bay race actually has a longstanding history as long as I am old — one that Bay Area locals were happy to see continued.

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408K: A Family Affair

IMG_2213Last year, I ran the entire Represent Running Run the Bay Series, taking on the Let’s Go 510 and Marin 415K in person, but because of timing around other events, had opted to run the San Jose 408K remotely. A month ago (how time flies!) not only was I given the opportunity to run it again – in person – as part of Represent Running’s Team Run the Bay, my parents had signed up to run.

After running four Bay Area Title 9Ks with my mom and cherishing every single one, there was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity to run not only a first race ever with my father, who has cheered us on at every TItle 9K, but with both of my parents. They’ve toed the line together at many 5Ks and 10Ks. The choice was obvious: despite being in corralled in the first wave, I was going to hang back and run with my folks. This race wasn’t about time for me, nor was it about adding another race to the count of my long-ago declared “run 103” mission in honor of my grandfather. The San Jose 408K was all about time with my family. (Somehow, despite the fact my parents registered themselves with the exact same prior 10K finish times, they were placed in two different waves. We’re apparently a three-wave kind of family! I wonder where my sister would have been placed had she run with us.)

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