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SF Diva Half: the near DNS and Maleficent’s 3rd race

Carrie and Elyse of Sparkle AthleticFirst, I would like to give a shout out to the folks who helped make this race happen: the ever sweet Elyse who helped me out come packet pick-up pickle, and Jen, whose smiling face was just the steadying pick-me-up I needed after my rocky start.

Yes, there was a very rocky start to this race. Half marathon number five almost wasn’t!

There were a few hiccups, but in the end, thanks Maleficent did manage to run through the finish.


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Dumbo Double Dare Part 2: the Disneyland Half Marathon

Read my recap on the inaugural Dumbo Double Dare Part 1: the Disneyland 10k here. Now, for the second installment!

Before we knew it, the Disneyland 10k was in the books.

Obligatory pre-race photo at the Disneyland 10k

A 10k novice, my friend Kari (dressed as Alice) and I both had a great time. We even managed to meet up with a couple of friends who had made some great run costumes. They had the best Tweedle collars I saw all weekend, and they made their own sparkle skirts. Freaking cute!

Kari and I stayed up probably a little later than we should have making sure everything was ready. When we had arrived Friday, I had sized her apron – a modified cloth napkin with trim and elastic – to fit for running. She had made a great iron on for her Will Robinson outfit for the half marathon, which she applied in the hotel room. We were hydrated. We had our ‘flat runner’ outfits laid out.

Flat me Maleficent! Spoiler alert: I ditched the tank top, but wearing my competition brief proved a stellar decision.

Now all that was left was to sleep and RUN THE RACE!

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Dumbo Double Dare Part 1: the Disneyland 10k

PHEW! It took me far too long to get to this recap, but at least I have the excuse that I hit a race streak (two double-up weekends) and then promptly got the plague for about two weeks prior to a fifth race. The good news is I’m back in action, feeling right healthy and am ready to talk about how I celebrated being in a new, stupid fast age-group: I was one of the lucky ~5,300 to participate in the inaugural Dumbo Double Dare at Disneyland.

A ‘mini’ version – if there is such a thing – of the already infamous Goofy Challenge at Walt Disney World, the Dumbo Double was a far cry from going Dopey, but for many of us it felt as daunting! Let’s start with a HUGE shout out to this sparkly blue Alice who you may have seen in the runDisney video that came out after the race. Observe: a very pink Cheshire Cat’d me, just after the finish where I found my lost (to be explained!) girl Kari. Friends since freshman year in college brought us together, she had run the Neverland 5k when I ran my first half marathon. She laid her eyes on my new bling, said “I WANT ONE,” and signed up at the expo for Dumbo with only half a lash batted. 19.3 miles? NO PROBLEM!


Moments later, we were interviewed. Pretty freaking cool.

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