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Footwear Perfection: Gladsoles Love

IMG_3022Mom says that because I was born in late August, because I was a summer baby, I never had baby shoes. She says this is (likely) also why I prefer to not wear shoes: barefoot or anything close to it is usually my preferred state. If the sun is out, forget about it! Unless I’m trail running or road racing, you’ll find as much epidermis as possible exposed on my tootsies.

As time has gone by and my running form has changed, I’ve also moved to more and more minimal running shoes.

There came a point in time where it just made sense to go for it.

Over a year ago, I took the plunge. I traced my feet, sent the scanned images off and a short time later, they arrived: the sandals that have become my favorite footwear. Meet my Gladsoles.


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