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From the Inside Out: Beachbody Performance Review

There are a lot of things I’m picky about and how I fuel is one of them. While I am indeed a Beachbody coach, I will fully admit that it took this opportunity through BibRave to actually try them. A vegan, I knew I wouldn’t be into anything with whey. Thankfully, I had a couple of coworkers who were game to try the Recover and Recharge formulas.

Nicquie is a go-getter who never stops. She boxes, runs, surfs, hikes and all with incredible vigor. Her review below of the Recover formula says it all.

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Skratch Hacks: Vegan Cookie Remix

Growing up, I may have torn into my fair share of cake and brownie mix — easy baking for a kid in the kitchen — but my mom made everything baked from scratch. Chocolate chip cookies, apple pie for my dad’s birthday, all manner of bars and treats and even bear shaped bread during the holidays. As I learned to bake for myself, I too baked from scratch, something that has grown into a passion in my adulthood.

However, I will concede that life has changed a lot. Not only do I still devote as much time as I can to personal loves such as running and writing, I am now also a busy mom with a full time job. Taking time to lovingly measure ingredients is now a luxury, but as a choosy vegan, grabbing a boxed mix isn’t necessarily an easy fix.


Enter Skratch Labs and their cookie mix. Not only does it make for some tasty cookies but ones that I can eat right before a workout or during a long run. Who wouldn’t want to be fueled by cookies? Thanks to the Feed, I receive the cookie mix regularly. Here are my first three Skratch cookie bar hacks: peanut butter filled, chocolate-chocolate chip, and chocolate-chocolate lactation cookies.

Oh yeah. I went there. And they’re all vegan — but you wouldn’t know that eating them. I promise. Not into what I’ve come up with? Check out the Skratch Labs blog for more vegan options.

Ready? Let’s bake.

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