Product reviews

Gladsoles: custom barefoot sandals
FitSplint maternity belt
OOFOS OOlala sandals via BibRave
Beachbody Performance supplements via BibRave
Brilliant Reflective via BibRave
Alpine Dam Gear hats

Pieces written for other blogs

2nd Annual T9 Challenge Recap, 2015, Timeout with Title Nine
1st Annual T9 Challenge Recap,  2014, Timeout with Title Nine
T9 Behind the Scenes: Bend, Fall 2015
T9 Behind the Scenes: Hawaii, Spring 2015
Title Nine: a Very Personal Brand, November 2014

Personal selections

the Phoenix with the Blistered Toes
a series of my reflections on eating disorder recovery and bipolar disorder
Part I: the Day I Chose to Live
Part II: Learning to Live Again

Life in the Middle of the Pack
“Sometimes the closest thing we have to glory is that one gleaming moment, where we waited with baited breath, enveloped in the pure idea of hope laced with desire. Sometimes all we are left with when life regains full speed is another reminder that, yet again, glory is out of hand’s reach.” [read]

One Hundred and Three to Go
“Because if Papa can garden into his late 90s and make jokes at my expense at over 100 years old, I can certainly push out one more mile. Because he lead by example, because he instilled this in my father. Because it is ingrained in me.”

Other blogs

BeastlingFit: health/non-running fitness/nutrition focused
Tastes Like Yum: vegan baking and eats


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